ConveyorEase Portable Conveyors

Easy to Move - Easy to Setup - Easy to Use - Low Cost Conveyors



  • Convenient and Low Cost

    Convenient and Low Cost

    Designed with the homeowner & Handyman in mind, ConveyorEase low cost  small portable conveyor is the affordable lightweight conveyor that handles jobs previously done with buckets or wheelbarrows. 

    From digging out a basement to moving firewood, dirt, rock, mulch and so much more, ConveyorEase low cost portable conveyor enables you to do the job quicker, easier and with less help.

  • Portable and Easy to Use

    Portable and Easy to Use

    At only 130 lbs, 10' long and 15" wide, ConveyorEase portable low cost conveyor is easy to move and set up.

    ConveyorEase uses 110 / 120 volt power and can be plugged directly into a household wall socket or from a generator. 


What happens after I place an order?

You will receive an email confirming your order. Once payment has been processed, your order will be completed, packaged and the carrier will be contacted for pick up. Once your order has left the warehouse, you will receive an email with the shipping details.

Is ConveyorEase a product of the United States?

Yes, ConveyorEase is manufactured in and shipped from the US to all parts of North America, including all 50 states and all of Canada.

What voltage/power is required to run ConveyorEase?

ConveyorEase runs on a 120V outlet (regular household power or a small generator). You must use the proper gauge extension cord. A 12 gauge is appropriate for distances up to 75 ft. and you will need a 10 gauge for a longer distance up to 150 ft.

What are the weights and dimensions of ConveyorEase and the accessories?

The conveyor weighs 130 lbs. and measures 119”L x 15 ½”W x 7 ¾”H. The handloading hopper weighs 35 lbs. and measures 40”L x 24”W x 12 ¼”H at the highest point. Side Extensions that go with the hopper weigh 23 lbs. per pair and measure 6 ½’L x 4 ¾”H. The longer version of the side extensions weigh 45 lbs. per pair and measure 10’L x 4 ¾”H.

How much weight can ConveyorEase carry?

ConveyorEase can carry 300 lbs of material at one time.

In what conditions can I run ConveyorEase?

ConveyorEase is manufactured with materials that will not rust or corrode. The conveyor can be run in damp, wet, cold or hot weather. It should not be run submerged under water.

Why would I need a cleated belt or side extensions?

The basic ConveyorEase unit is fitted with a smooth belt but a cleated belt can be ordered instead. The cleated belt is helpful if running at an incline with loose materials, such as gravel. If you are moving loose material, it will stay better contained by adding side extensions. If you have questions about accessories you need for your specific job, feel free to contact us for help in making that decision.

Is there maintenance required?

A small amount of regular maintenance will ensure a long life for your ConveyorEase. You will need to inspect the conveyor, belt and accessories after usage to be sure no damage has occurred. Wash down the conveyor after use, removing any debris that may have collected under the belt. Check the tracking of the belt, make necessary adjustments and occasionally grease the side skirts. All of this is covered in detail in the operator’s manual you will receive with your order..

Can I purchase parts for my ConveyorEase?

Sure, just contact us through the website and we can help you out.

Is there any customer support available?

Of course, the best way to contact us is through our website and a technician will call you back in a timely manner to walk you through any issues you might have with or questions about your equipment.

Can I run the conveyor on the floor/ground?

Yes, but we recommend placing a 4x4 under each end of the conveyor to keep it away from material that might be on the floor or to keep the conveyor from sinking into soft ground.

How can I support the conveyor at a height off the floor/ground?

The best way is to pass a pipe or scaffolding tube through the holes in the structure. You can use a pipe or tube smaller than 2” in diameter. Then safely secure each end of the tube at the desired height.

Is there a warranty?

ConveyorEase is warrantied for 90 days excluding wear items.

What are the wear items?

Wear items are belts, side skirts and molded end caps.

What is the return policy?

ConveyorEase is eligible for return within 30 days of purchase if unused and is subject to a 25% restocking fee plus the cost of freight. Set up and cost of return shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser.

ConveyorEase is not eligible for return after use unless it is determined by the manufacturer to be a warranty issue.